Premium Organic Vegetable Protein Drink Powder Mix

Used daily, this effective and synergistic combination can help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight. This power packed plant-based protein uses a proprietary formula that can help you get the results you desire for your body. Whether you are struggling with weight issues, you are an athlete looking for peak performance or just looking to promote the growth of lean muscle, you will love V-tein. There are absolutely zero animal-based ingredients in this product. Available in either chocolate or vanilla so good health can "taste" better than you'd ever imagined.

Organic Veggie Protein Powder is a delicious high-protein and all-natural Vegetarian Protein drink, and provides the highest quality protein blend availablePremium Vegetable protein powders

Our Premium Veggie Protein Powder product is a proprietary blend of the finest vegetable protein sources, and comes in two delicious tasting formulas. This multi-protein blend contains Organic Pea Protein Isolate, Organic Chia Seed, Organic Coconut, Organic Pumpkin Seed, Organic Hemp Seed, Organic Brown Rice Protein Concentrate, Organic Sunflower Lecithin and Organic Acacia. to create a superior, highly digestable vegetable protein source.

Excellent for those who are looking for ways to increase their protein intake without consuming soy, dairy or animal proteins.

  • 100% natural vegetarian protein.
  • No isolated vitamins or minerals.
  • Good source of fiber.

How Does Premium Veggie Protein Powder compare to other proteins at a health food store?

Premium Veggie Protein Powder is 100% vegetarian. There is no animal proteins in it. It is hard to know what quality of dairy products like whey proteins have in store brands. Whey proteins can be hard to digest and has the potential to damage the intestinal tract. Vtein does not contain any soy which can inhibit the absorption of essential minerals like iron. Vtein tastes like a delicious shake whether it is mixed with water, almond milk or rice milk and delivers phenomenal nutritional benefits.

Plant-based proteins should provide you with more digestible protein where your system breaks down the protein and makes it more available for your system to use then any of the other proteins out there. Premium Veggie Protein Powder provides a very good amino acid profile to help digestion that provides a greater absorbability and benefit to build lean muscle. Whey protein is harder to digest than plant proteins.

How Much is Enough Premium Veggie Protein Powder?

You would take the amount of Premium Veggie Protein Powder to match the level of your physical activity each day. So you are replacing the level of cells that are being used with that physical activity. If a person is not very active, they do not need to be loading their system down with a lot of protein. If you're trying to build muscle, exercising or working out or doing lot of physical activity, you're going to need a higher level of protein to help build the muscle and replaced the cells that are being used.



Premium Veggie Protein Powder

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Natural Organic Vegetable Protein Powder

Vanilla Organic Vegetable Protein Powder

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