9 Hour Energy Capsules- Long Lasting - NO Crash

Turbo-Charged capsules are a whole food-based nutritious alternative to liquid energy drinks that lasts up to 9 hours. It also has the nutrients in the Feast so the Turbo-Charged capsules provide the energy you want throughout the day with nutrition to balance your experience longer.

This combination provides extra nutritional support, to strengthen and build the health of the body with each capsule. By using just one 3 capsule serving, energy levels can last up to 9 hours and cost about 90¢.

Now with Turbo-charged capsules you get all the benefits of an extra energy boost plus the added benefits of the Feast's nutritional ingredients. This makes 9 hour energy capsules a better alternative to the vast variety of liquid energy products found on local food store shelves that are not healthy for your body.

Benefits of using Turbo-Charged Capsules ( 3 capsule serving costs about 90¢ and can last up to 9 hours ):

• Provides a NO CRASH ENERGY ALTERNATIVE to coffee, tea, sports drinks, energy drinks and caffeinated soft drinks.
• Healthy Nutritious Energy – long-lasting, without the crash caused by synthetic ingredients found in most energy products that can damage your health.
• Helps manage appetite and boosts energy. Naturally balanced ingredients that work synergistically to deliver consistent energy.
• Support thermogenesis which can help increase fat oxidation.
• Does not contain isolated, synthetic or inorganic vitamins and minerals.
• Proprietary and exclusive formulation that you can't get anywhere else.
• 9 hour energy capsules are All Natural and Preservative Free.
• Just one 3 capsule serving lasts up to 9 hours. This one 3 capsule serving only costs about 90¢ that is about 1/3 the cost of an average liquid energy drink.
• These Turbo-Charged capsules also have an array of nutritional ingredients like fruits, berries, nutrient dense vegetable, greens, a seed blend, active enzymes and probiotics that help balance and rebuild the health of the system.


Find out more how the Turbo-Charged capsules are superior to the liquid energy drinks on the market today.

more info on how 9 Hour Energy capsules are better than Liquid Energy Drinks


9 Hour Turbo-Charged Long Lasting Energy Capsules - 180 Capsules

Vlocity- 180 Long Lasting Energy Capsule

Turbo-Charged- Crash Free Energy Capsules -up to 9 hrs
180 Capsules

Retail Price: $46.00

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